June 3rd (rain date June 10th)

Join us for our first Wayward Social Bocce Ball Tournament!

The tournament will be held on our beautiful outdoor bocce court, where players will demonstrate their skills and strategies in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the game, this event is perfect for anyone who loves bocce ball.

Come join us for a day of fun, competition, and camaraderie. We look forward to seeing you on the courts! Sign up today, limited spots available.

Registration is $16 for a two person team. Please make payment at the door.

Click here to read the rules.




Each team has two players.

Coin Toss

The coin toss winner chooses the team’s ball color as well as gets to throw the pallino to start the game.


The pallino is a smaller white ball used to represent the target for the bocce balls during the game.


Sequence of Play

Roll Rotation
  • When tossing the pallino, the player must make sure that the ball passes the center line and that it doesn’t hit the back wall.
  • If the player fails to throw the pallino properly the other team gets the pallino.
  • The player that threw the pallino must throw their bocce ball first.
  • The opposing team will then throw their bocce balls until their ball is no longer closer to the pallino or they have exhausted their four balls.
  • The “nearest ball” rule governs the sequence of thrown balls. The team whose bocce ball is closest to the pallino is called the “in” ball and the opposing side is “out”. Whenever a team gets “in,” they step aside and allows the “out” team to throw.


  • At the end of each frame (when both teams have exhausted four balls each) the captain of each team determines the points scored or a third party can be summoned to make the determination.
  • To score points, count all the balls of one team that are closest to the pallino, which can be determined by viewing or by taking a physical measurement. A team can score up to four points per round if all four of their balls are closest to the pallino compared to the other team’s balls.


Time Limit

You will play two games to eight points and one game to five points, or one hour from the start time of the match. If the time limit is reached, you will finish the frame in progress and throw one more frame, then the game will be over, in which case the points would be awarded to the highest score.


House Rules & Fouls
  • For the pallino throw to be valid for play, it must cross the center line and not end up closer to the back or side wall than the width of a bocce ball.
  • A team has the option of rolling, bouncing, banking, etc. its ball down the court provided it does not go out of bounds or the player does not violate the foul markers.
  • If the thrown ball hits the back stop, it is considered dead and will be removed from play after it comes to rest. All balls affected from the throw will remain as they land. If the thrown ball hits another or the pallino and then hits the back wall, it is still considered dead. Once the ball is in play, it is live even if it is hit into the back wall by another ball.
  • A player also has the option of “spocking” or hitting out any ball in play in trying to obtain a point or descending the opposing team’s points.
  • Wayward Social bocce tournaments DOES NOT PERMIT OVERHANDED THROWING. The ball must hit turf before crossing the center line. These violations will result in a foul and the ball will be dead and removed from play.
  • If a thrown ball leaves the court, the ball is dead and the opposing team gains one point.
  • If a player throws out of turn or accidentally moves a ball in play, the opposing team earns two points, then the frame is over.

If there is a dispute between teams about who’s ball is the closest, measurements will be taken by Wayward staff to make the determination.