Indicates vegetarian, or can be altered to be made meat-free
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.


The Wayward Social
Kraken Rum, blackberry syrup, lime, Barrit’s Ginger Beer

10-Pin Mary
Bloody Mary — Wayward style!

The Dude Abides
Tito’s, Patron XO Cafe, cream

Absolut Citron, Luxardo liqueur, Sierra Mist, cherries

Margarita Framboise
Patron & Chambord margarita, on the rocks

Prosecco Cocktail
Aperol, honey syrup, Bellafina Prosecco

Cucumber-Pear Mule
Western Son Cucumber Vodka, Absolut Pears, Barrit’s Ginger Beer

Cherry-Lime Mule
Cherry liqueur, Tito’s, plenty of lime, Barrit’s Ginger Beer

Blueberry-Melon Mule
Western Son Blueberry Vodka, Midiori, Barrit’s Ginger Beer

Beer Me

On Tap
Exile Ruthie Gold Lager
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Goose Island 312 Shandy (Gutter Point patio only)
Sierra Nevada Hazy Lil Thing IPA (Gutter Point patio only)

Bud Light
Busch Light
Michelob Ultra
Miller Light

Ciders & Seltzers
Angry Orchard Hard Cider
Bud Light Lemonade Seltzer
Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade Seltzer
Press Pomegranate Ginger Seltzer
Wilson’s Orchard Cherry Crush Hard Cider
Wilson’s Orchard Peach Fizz Hard Cider

Craft Cans
Confluence Des Moines IPA
Confluence Seasonal
Big Grove Blackberry Sour
Exile Zoltan Session IPA
Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue Pale Ale
Blue Moon

Wine O’ Clock

House Options
Cabernet Sauvignon


Cannonball Merlot
Grayson Zinfandel
Broadside Cabernet Sauvignon


La Fiera Moscato
13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc


Yes Way Rosé
Bellafina Prosecco

Twice-Cooked Wings 8
Slow roasted & fried. Select from a variety of sauces:BBQ,  Mild Buffalo, Sweet Heat BBQ, Garlic Parmesan

Chips & Queso 7
Fresh fried tortilla chips & queso

Fried Cheese Curds 7.5
Breaded white cheddar curds & house-made ranch

Sheetload Nachos sm 9 | lg 14
House-smoked pulled pork, queso, Roma tomatoes, black olives, banana pepper rings, green onion & pickled red onion

Substitute BBQ jackfruit 1

Warm Jumbo Pretzel 6
Honey mustard & queso

Brussels Sprouts 8
Fried and topped with Parmesan & balsamic glaze

Beer Battered Onion Rings 8
Fried onions & honey mustard

The Social Trio 18
Cheese curds, fries & onion rings

French Fries 5
300 sauce


Grilled Cheese 5.5
& fries

Chicken Fingers 5.5
& fries

Cheese Pizza 9
Our 10″ pies


Soup of the Day  5


House Salad 5
Leafy greens & romaine, dried cranberries, feta & toasted sunflower seeds. Served with house-made balsamic vinaigrette.

Shaved Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad 5
Shredded Brussels sprouts, romaine, dried cherries, toasted almonds & Parmesan crisp with house-made Caesar dressing.

All of our pizzas are hand-tossed & made with our own fresh sourdough

No Gluten? No Problem!
All 10” pizzas can be made on a cauliflower crust 1

300 Pie 12 | 18
Hamburger beef, pickled red onion, Roma tomatoes, pickles, cheese blend, cheddar, 300 sauce drizzle

Add house-smoked bacon 1 | 2

Volcano Island 12 | 18
Red sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple, pickled jalapeños, cheese blend, Dirty Dick’s hot sauce drizzle

Meatballs & Ricotta 12 | 18
Red sauce, meatballs, ricotta, fresh parsley

Substitute vegan meatballs 2

Smoke Shop 13 | 20
BBQ Sauce, house-smoked pulled pork, roasted sweet corn, pickled red onion, banana pepper rings, cheese blend, cheddar, liquid smoke spritz

Substitute jackfruit 1

The Queen Bee 12 | 16
San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil

Olympian 13 | 20
Pesto, kalamata olives, artichokes, red onion, feta, basil, cheese blend, balsamic glaze drizzle


Cheese blend & red sauce base, select up to four toppings


House-cured Canadian bacon
House-smoked bacon
House-smoked pulled pork


Black olive
Green pepper
Pickled jalapeño

Kalamata olive
Red onion
Roasted sweet corn
Roma tomato

Cheese Only 9 | 14
One Topping 10 | 15
Two Toppings 11 | 17
Three Toppings 12 | 18
Four Toppings 13 | 20

All sandwiches and burgers are served with French fries

Hand-breaded Tenderloin 11.50
Pork loin, dill pickle, white onion, ketchup & mustard on a brioche bun

Hot Caprese 9
Fresh mozzarella, pesto, balsamic glaze, tomatoes & pickled red onion on toasted Cuban bread

Cuban 12
House-smoked pulled pork, Canadian bacon, Swiss, dill pickle & dijon mustard grilled on Cuban bread

Substitute jackfruit 1

Reuben 12
Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss & 300 sauce on caraway seed rye bread

Veggie Reuben 12
Marinated seitan, sauerkraut, Swiss & 300 sauce on caraway seed rye bread

Grilled Cheese 7
Blend of cheddar & manchego cheese on toasted sourdough bread, served with cherrywood smoked ketchup

Spicy Chicken Sandwich 11
Buttermilk chicken, breaded and fried with our specialty spice blend, mayo, pickles, and Mike’s Hot Honey on a brioche bun

300 Burger 11.50
Blend of chuck, short rib & brisket beef with pickled red onion, lettuce, Roma tomato, dill pickle, 300 sauce & cheddar on a toasted brioche bun

Substitute Beyond Meat 1.50
Add house-smoked bacon 2

Caprese Burger 11.50
Burger patty, fresh mozzarella, pesto, balsamic glaze, tomato & pickled red onion on a brioche bun

Substitute Beyond Meat 1.50

Southerner 11
Smoked in-house pulled pork, BBQ sauce, dill pickle, pickled red onion & manchego on a toasted brioche bun

Substitute jackfruit 1
Add burger patty 2